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Selasa, 27 November 2012

konayuki powdered-snow

konayuki, mau kisetsu wa
itsumo surechigai
hitogomi ni magiretemo
onaji sora miteru no ni
powdered-snow, within the revolving seasons
we always miss each other [1]
although we got separated within the crowd,
we look into the same sky

kaze ni fukarete
nita you ni kogoeru no ni
blown in the wind,
we feel the same chills
boku wa kimi no subete nado
shitte wa inai darou
soredemo ichiokunin kara
kimi wo mitsuketa yo
everything about you, [2]
guess I don’t really know
even so, from one hundred million
I still found you [3]

konkyo wa nai kedo
honki de omotterun da
although i’m not really sure, [4]
i’m seriously thinking about it

sasai na iiai mo nakute wararai, wararai
onaji jikan wo ikite nado ikenai
sunao ni narenai nara
yorokobi mo kanashimi mo munashii dake
if slight quarrels may lose our laughters
then we must not live in the same moment of time
if we can’t be honest to each other [5]
happiness and sadness are just empty

konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
futari no kodoku wo wake au koto ga dekita no kai
powdered-snow, until our hearts become white-dyed
let us meet so that we can share our loneliness

boku wa kimi no kokoro ni, mimi wo oshiatete
sono koe no suru hou e sutto fukaku made
orite yukitai, soko de mou ichido aou
i want to put my ears into your heart
to hear the voice that gently leads into the depth
i want to go descend, and let us meet once again there

wakariaitai nante morarai, morarai
uwabe wo nadete ita no wa boku no hou
kimi no kajikanda te mo
nigirishimeru koto dake de tsunagatteta no ni
although I say that I want to understand,
but I can only stroke the surface of my words
even your hands that have become cold,
only by holding them tightly, we were connected

konayuki nee eien wo mae ni amari ni moroku
zaratsuku ASUFARUTO no ue shimi ni natte yuku yo
powdered-snow, even too fragile before the eternity
fell and became stain upon the rough asphalt

konayuki nee toki ni tayorinaku kokoro wa yureru
soredemo boku wa kimi no koto mamoritsudzuketai…
powdered-snow, in such time unreliable, shaking my heart
even so, I want to keep on protecting you…

konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
futari no kodoku wo tsutsume sora ni kaesu kara…
powdered-snow, until our hearts become white-dyed
wrap up our loneliness, return it to the sky…

The season of dancing, powdered snow always passes us by
Even lost in the crowd, we’re gazing at the same sky
The blowing wind chills us in a similar way

I probably don’t know everything about you
Yet, out of a hundred million people I found you
And though there is no basis for it, I seriously feel this way

We can’t be together
Without quarreling over trivial things

If we’re unable to be honest with each other
Sadness and even happiness are worthless

If the powdered snow has dyed our hearts white
Could we have shared our loneliness?

With my ear pressed up close to your heart
I want to descend quietly into the depths where its voice leads me
Let’s meet there again, one more time

I had wanted us to understand each other
But it was I who had merely brushed the surface
Even though, just tightly grasping your hand numb with cold
We were connected
Facing eternity, the powdered snow is too fragile
Falling upon the coarse asphault it stains the surface

Powdered snow, you know, sometimes I’m unreliable and my heart quivers
Nevertheless, I want to continue to protect you
If the powdered snow has dyed our hearts white
Our loneliness will be engulfed and returned to the sky
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